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Eddy Savoie, a great builder

For Eddy Savoie, business success is about more than just running a profitable enterprise. In fact, it’s mostly about building something that will play a pivotal role in people’s happiness. And when it also makes it possible to involve family members, it becomes a privilege!

The Savoie family has built and now owns and manages several residences for seniors in Québec. One of their priorities is to have residents and employees share their pride and joy at being members of such a big family!

This is what makes Eddy Savoie happy. When speaking of his family, he does so in a simple and candid manner, and his eyes never cease to sparkle. Eddy Savoie is passionate about his work, and thanks his wife and five children for having joined Groupe Savoie, thereby providing him with yet another compelling reason to continue doing what he does.

As he emphasizes: “[Translation] Our challenge is to improve the quality of life of seniors while contributing to our society. The opening of a Residences Soleil residence in a particular region brings benefits to the municipalities involved through job creation and by concretely improving the quality of life of all seniors in the neighbourhood. When we move forward, we basically force others to follow step.”

A big and beautiful family

In addition to having an inner drive and highly developed business acumen, company founder Eddy Savoie has successfully passed on his values to his children. The business’ daily activities rest on the guiding principles of trust, loyalty, a healthy respect for a work-life balance, love and, last but far from least, honesty.

These constitute the foundation on which Groupe Savoie built what is now the largest family-owned private company in the seniors’ accommodations sector in Québec.

A comfortable life

Residences Soleil has set itself apart by the variety and sheer number of recreational activities offered in its residences. Swimming pool, spa, elevator, hair salon, library and chapel are but a few of the amenities offered in all Residences Soleil residences. As Eddy Savoie proudly states, for residents, “… [translation] it’s really like staying at a hotel!”

An ongoing challenge

Despite these impressive achievements, Eddy Savoie still diligently oversees the business and plans to ensure its continued growth, particularly since the company’s future leaders are already part of the family. Nataly Savoie has been the Executive president of Residences Soleil for a number of years, and Eddy Junior Savoie is President of the organization’s Construction division. These resources are a guarantee of continuity. People who spend time with members of the Savoie family immediately understand that their passion is unstoppable!