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Residences Soleil Manoir Plaza -Metro
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Les Residences Soleil, a concept developed with love.

A familial, safe, warmhearth and fulfilling environment, adapted to help maintain our resident's autonomy and weel-being as wll as their evolving needs. Golden agers, by choosing Les Residences Soleil, you choose to continue to embrace life again!

Starting at
per month

General description

Manoir Plaza, formerly the Crowne Plaza Hotel, is located in the heart of downtown Montréal. Erected directly atop the Sherbrooke metro station, this 26-storey building offers an impressive view of the city.

Life at Manoir Plaza means being able to make one’s way throughout Montréal to enjoy the vibrant and cosmopolitan city without ever having to step outdoors!


Number of units : 417
Units : 1 ½ (Studio), 2 ½, 3 ½, 4 ½
Customers : Autonomous and semi-autonomous, trial period, short stay and convalescence.
Ranking : New Downtown Montreal !

Price list

Les Residences Soleil Manoir Plaza offers a great range of apartments, such as studios 1½, 2½, 3½, 4½ and a few apartments of exception. All rents include: 

  • meal packages available
  • bi-monthly housekeeping
  • weekly linen service
  • basic cable
  • electricity, heating, air conditioning and hot water
  • private balcony
  • a private bathroom
  • large closets
  • intercom and emergency call system link to the receptionist 24/7
  • sprinklers, heat and smoke detectors
  • basic home appliances if desired (1½ and 2½ : refrigerator and microwave, 3½ and 4½ : refrigerator and stove)
  • basic furniture included with 1½ and 2½ (table, chairs, bed, night table and dresser)   
  • all amenities provided by the residence and more ! 

Care and services available ''à la carte'' and at an affordable price. 

Real cost projection for a resident, aged 70 years or more, benefiting from the maximum tax credit for home support :

IncludesStarting at
  • 1½ Studio

    2 meals
    Breakfast and lunch
    Breakfast and dinner
    1219 $
    2 meals
    Breakfast and diner
    1279 $
    3 meals
    Breakfast, lunch and dinner
    1298 $
  • 2½ (1 room)

    2 meals
    Breakfast and lunch
    Breakfast and dinner
    1395 $
    2 meals
    Breakfast and diner
    1454 $
    3 meals
    Breakfast, lunch and dinner
    1471 $
  • 3½ (1-bedroom)

    No meals1890 $
  • 4½ (2-bedroom)

    No meals1990 $

*Prices “Starting at”, according to availability and subject to change without notice. 12/12/2017

Our services

Recreational activities

  • Various activities and outings, chosen in conjunction with the residents’ committee
  • Library
  • Choir
  • Bingo
  • Bridge
  • Cinema / theatre
  • Walking club
  • Dancing
  • Trivia games
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Residence features

  • Community room
  • Security system
  • Designed for persons with limited mobility and those confined to a wheelchair
  • Elevators
  • Outdoor swings
  • Grab bars in the hallways
  • Laundry room
  • Round-the-clock security, 7 days a week
  • Post office boxes inside the residence
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Health services (offered on an à la carte basis)

  • Nutritional services
  • Monitoring services
  • Personal hygiene services
  • Morning routine
  • Evening routine
  • Adapted daily activities
  • Support services for persons with a slight loss of independence
  • Support services (assisted living) for persons who are semi-independent
  • Beauty treatments
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Onsite support staff

  • Accommodations counsellor
  • Management personnel
  • Recreational activities coordinator
  • Chef
  • Maintenance staff
  • Nursing assistants and/or client care attendants at all times
  • Housekeeping employee
  • Personal care attendant
  • Receptionist (at all times)

Short-term stay or convalescent care apartments

  • Include 3 meals a day
  • Include (free of charge) all services, recreational and other activities, and facilities mentioned in the residence description
  • Electrical power, heating and hot water included
  • Basic cable services
  • Furnishings
  • Linens and towels
  • Microwave
  • Fridge
  • Private bathroom
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Stores inside the residence

  • Convenience store
  • Drycleaner
  • Seamstress
  • Drugstore
  • Hair and beauty salon

Available meal plans

  • 2 meals: breakfast and lunch
  • 3 meals/day
  • À la carte dining
  • No meals
  • 2 meals: breakfast and dinner
  • Meal plan
  • Table service
  • 2 meals: lunch and dinner

Included in the price of the apartment

  • Weekly linens
  • Bimonthly housekeeping
  • Cable (basic cable services included)
  • Grab bars in the bathroom
  • Air conditioning
  • Closet
  • Private bathroom
  • Interphone system for contacting the reception area
  • Emergency call system
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Optional services

  • Internet access
  • Parking
  • Housekeeping (at an additional cost)
  • Storage space (outside of the apartment)
  • Meal plan
  • Meal room service
  • Clothing care
  • Table service
  • Weekly linens (at an additional cost)


Certified by the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services

All of Les Residences Soleil are certified by the Quebec’s Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS). This certification attests to the fact that a residence meets the requirements of the Ministry, the government department responsible for health and social services, as regards security measures and service quality.

To learn more about certification, go to www.msss.gouv.qc.ca.

RQRA members

All Les Residences Soleil are RQRA (Regroupement des résidences pour aînés) members. Quebec group of seniors’ residences, the RQRA is a non-profit organization actively committed to improving the life of seniors as well as the quality of the services available to them.

To learn more about the RQRA: rqra.qc.ca.